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Changing the culture

The Entrepreneur Lifestyle Academy (ELA) is based on some key principles, some might say beliefs, which aim to change the way people approach, launch and start entrepreneurship. CHOICE & FOUNDATION are the two new stages we are adding to the Entrepreneurial Path (stage). More

They are 2 essential and critical steps to occur before tackling idea development or market validation. The aim is to modify the way we think about launching a business in order to ensure a greater number of success stories.

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What is really motivating you to become an entrepreneur?
Feb 28Cette présentation aidera aux participants à explorer, évaluer et décider si le Style de vie entrepreneur™ est vraiment le choix pour more

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I’m living! t-shirt (dark)

Wear your choice with pride with this “I’m living” t-shirt. Time to share with others the lifestyle that you are living.

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The Entrepreneur Lifestyle Academy’s (ELA) first mission is to help people understand, choose and commit to the Entrepreneur Lifestyle. The second is to teach entrepreneurs the skillset to build strong and sustainable foundations for successful businesses. More

Created by two serial entrepreneurs, co-founders Antoine & Marc-André want to share their knowledge and experience with as many people as possible to help create a successful entrepreneurial culture.