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Creating a global community of successful entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneur Lifestyle Academy (ELA) aims to help people understand the building blocks and discover the mindsets to support a conscious choice of the Entrepreneur Lifestyle™ to increase the success rate of entrepreneurs in North America and extend the life of the average business.

ELA is changing the way that entrepreneurship is introduced and viewed. We are in fact presenting two new revolutionary concepts to the approach that include:
(1) Adding 2 new stages to the Entrepreneurial journey - Choice (choosing to live the lifestyle) and Foundation (setting a foundation for a business that is applicable to all types and industries);
(2) Presenting entrepreneurship as a way of life, as something that will have an impact on all aspects of your life (professional, personal, social, family) and helping people understand and choose that way of life, the lifestyle. 

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The Entrepreneur Lifestyle Academy (ELA) helps people understand, choose and commit to the Entrepreneur Lifestyle™. The academy will teach entrepreneurs, and the people who support entrepreneurs, the skillset to ask the right questions to ensure the right people start companies, build strong foundations and sustainable businesses.

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The Entrepreneur Lifestyle Academy is changing how we view and approach entrepreneurship, therefore changing how we build the cornerstone of our economy: the small business

FACT: small businesses with 20 employees or less, represent more than 90% of the enterprises operating in North America

We are bringing the person at the source of the business, back into the spotlight. It's about understanding the mindset, choosing the culture and living the Entrepreneur Lifestyletm by providing the right questions and reflection when considering being an entrepreneur.

The Entrepreneur Lifestyle Academy’s philosophy is to teach you HOW: how to think, how to analyze, how to problem solve and how to develop yourself; rather than WHAT: to think, the steps to follow, the solution you should seek or the person you should be.

We are also introducing two key stages to the Entrepreneurial Journey to make sure that people start on the best possible personal path. We are introducing the stages of Choice & Foundation. These stages are ensuring the emphasis on the people, before even focusing on the rest.

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Bringing the fundamentals back

The Entrepreneur Lifestyle Academy was officially created in March 2017 after years of observations, consultations and work with both entrepreneurs and organisations. As the co-founders worked with clients to help them start and grow businesses, a pattern was observed; many people, some many years into their business, were struggling. This particular struggle was none other than the fact that they did not want to do all the work associated with running their business, but rather prefer to do the essential execution of the work that they loved in the first place.

Over that time, they also noticed another pattern: many of the staff working to develop entrepreneurial or small business programs, hired at entrepreneurship centres or who are delivering programs to help support entrepreneurs had not been entrepreneurs themselves, and therefore did not fully comprehend its realities.

Finally, they also observed the statistics for newly created businesses where actually in decline, rather than incline, over the past couple of decades. And yet, there were more and more entrepreneurial degrees, programs and approaches available now than any other point in history. It was clear that the focus needed to be placed on the people at the foundation of the business before any other work should be undertaken.

These are the reasons the academy was created.

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Meet the dedicated team of individuals whose Why is to share knowledge, educate and inspire.  We are client focused and service minded.

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Co-Founder, Coach & Inspirer

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Co-Founder and Motivator




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The Entrepreneur Lifestyle Academy’s logo actually represents a target.  The target is a visual representation of the entrepreneur’s vision, mission and objectives. They are often very focused and, the ideal is to hit the middle.

Yet, as you might have noticed, our target is not perfect. It has variable sizes of circles. It has off centred circles. It has multiple colors. This represents the reality of being an entrepreneur, of owning and operating a business – even for the most seasoned individual.

Our logo was designed to represent the reality of being an entrepreneur: it will never be perfect, it will never be symmetric and it will always share surprises and unexpected results. Yet it is beautiful in its entirety.

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Much time was dedicated to identifying the right components to best represent the Entrepreneur Lifestyle Academy. It was determined that three words best described us:

UNDERSTAND the mindset (the way that entrepreneurs think);

CHOOSE the culture (all of the little things that make entrepreneurship so wonderful);

LIVE the lifestyle (a lifestyle that influences all aspects of your life).

You will also notice that there is a tagline below the name in our logo: More than a job. It’s a way of life. We purposefully did this to continue to drive the point home that being an entrepreneur, owning and operating a business, is more than just a job we get paid to do. It becomes who we are, it becomes our focus, and it goes far beyond what we might regularly do for a job. This is an important mindset shift that needs to occur, which is why it was included directly into the logo.

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