About us

Who is ELA?

The Entrepreneur Lifestyle Academy (ELA) aims to help people understand the building blocks and discover the mindsets to support a conscious choice of the Entrepreneur Lifestyle™ to increase the success rate of entrepreneurs in North America and extend the life of the average business.

ELA is changing the way that entrepreneurship is introduced and viewed. We are in fact presenting two new revolutionary concepts to the approach that include:

(1) Adding 2 new stages to the Entrepreneurial journey – Choice (choosing to live the lifestyle) and Foundation (setting a foundation for a business that is applicable to all types and industries);
(2) Presenting entrepreneurship as a way of life, as something that will have an impact on all aspects of your life (professional, personal, social, family) and helping people understand and choose that way of life, the lifestyle.

What is ELA's Why?

The Entrepreneur Lifestyle Academy (ELA) helps people understand, choose and commit to the Entrepreneur Lifestyle. The academy will teach entrepreneurs, and the people who support entrepreneurs, the skillset to build strong and sustainable foundations for successful businesses.

"A validation that I am on track."

Lise | Ottawa, ON

How are we making the world better?

The Entrepreneur Lifestyle Academy is changing how we view and approach entrepreneurship, therefore changing how we build the cornerstone of our economy: the small business (a little known fact: small business with 20 employees or less, represent more than 90% of the enterprises operating in North America).

It’s about understanding the mindset, choosing the culture and living the lifestyle by providing the realities of being an entrepreneur. The Entrepreneur Lifestyle Academy’s philosophy is to

teach you HOW: how to think, how to analyze, how to problem solve and how to develop yourself;

rather than WHAT: to think, the steps to follow, the solution you should seek or the person you should be.

We are also introducing key stages to the Entrepreneurial Journey to make sure that people starting on the right path, and the right path for them. We are introducing the stages of Choice & Foundation. These stages are ensuring that entrepreneurs start and launch their business with the right intent and purpose, with a strong and sustainable foundation as well as increase their chances of building a successful business.