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Do I have a network that will help me launch a business?

Take the plunge 11/12 You’ll often hear successful entrepreneurs stress the fact that they would not be successful if it wasn’t for all the people that have helped them along the way. But you didn’t think they ran into these people by chance – did you? Networking is an essential part of business regardless of your industry, but it’s especially important for entrepreneurs because when you are starting out, you’ll need all the help and advice you can get. When you think of a ne

Which passions and interests could energize me every day?

Take the plunge 3/12 Have your thoughts ever wondered off at work? Have you caught yourself dazing and thinking of your dream job or something that you wish you were doing instead of being in your cubicle? Do you have a hard time dragging yourself out of bed every morning to get to work? Do you have a hard time on Mondays because it is a sign that your weekend is over? Let’s imagine a different scenario. Imagine you could lose track of time in the work you do regularly. You

Am I really willing to choose the entrepreneur lifestyle?

Take the plunge 2/12 Are you OK with the fact that your business creeps into most of your thoughts and all aspects of your life? Are you comfortable with the changes that being a business owner will require of you today and in the future? Are you willing to do more today in order to reap the rewards later? As you consider becoming an entrepreneur and being the proud owner of a start-up, you need to understand it is much more than just your next career. Entrepreneurship is a w

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