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Do I really want to be number 1?

Take the plunge 4/12 Do you really want to be at the top? Are you OK as the last line of decision making? Are you able to be the ultimate person responsible for the problem solving? Are you comfortable making the sometimes, difficult decisions? Does this responsibility excite you, or make you nervous?

Working in an entrepreneurial business can mean many different things, from creating and owning the business to being part of that environment. The question is do you want to be the number one, the person responsible for creating and maintaining the entrepreneurial environment or, is your dream to work for a business where you get to experience the entrepreneurial environment without all the responsibilities?

Creating or participating

There is a difference between being part of a startup versus owning, managing and operating a business that you own. There is a myth that pushes people who want to live in a dynamic, hands-on, influencing decisions type of environment, to think they have to create it. This myth is false – most people actually are part of the cool, hip, fast-paced environment but most are not responsible for it.

Part of being successful as an entrepreneur is being able to distinguish between the two realities and have the ability to be honest with yourself to determine which one you really want to live.

Many people want their opinion to matter and be heard. But do you really have to start your own business to achieve that? Not necessarily. Could you keep some of that security by working with an entrepreneur, instead if being one? Is it the environment that’s important or is it being the ultimate person responsible? Do you want the buck to stop with you, the last line of decision, or do you want to be part of the decision-making?

Are you part of the 5%?

Are you okay with handling all operations in the business? Are you willing to take work with you on your annual cottage trip if it is required, or to be called because your team is uncertain how to deal with things? The statistics show that less than 5% of Canadians want to be that number one. In fact a statistic from Industry Canada shows that only 5% want to be entrepreneurs, 10% want to own their own job, leaving 85% who want to be and are employees. This 85% of individuals are not all necessarily unhappy, they not necessarily excluded of decision-making, they are not necessarily part of a boring and monotonous environment – they are. They just are not ultimately responsible for it.

Build a team

Yet, being number one doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to handle everything on your own. We highly recommend that you build a strong team of people to surround and support you, from business coaches, mentors, other entrepreneurs, professionals such as lawyers and accountants and others. Just because you are an entrepreneur, does not require to work in isolation, quite the contrary. The better and stronger the team you build, the more chances of success you give yourself.

The reason we encourage you to think about these questions is because such things can be a deciding factor when starting a business on your own. As an entrepreneur, your decisions directly influence your livelihood.

Top tips from the article:

  1. Be honest with yourself

  2. Write down the realities that you want to live as an entrepreneur

  3. List the pros & cons of the person leading versus the person living

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Understand the mindset. Choose the culture. Live the lifestyle.

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