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What is really motivating you to become an entrepreneur?

Take the plunge 1/12 Has the idea of leaving your job crossed your mind? Have you thought about entrepreneurship as your new career path? Maybe you are still exploring why you want to be an entrepreneur or maybe you are uncertain how to start the conversation? Do you have doubts due to social pressures to conform to a certain job path?

Once you understand that becoming an entrepreneur is choosing a lifestyle, and the minute you tell yourself “that’s what I want to live” or “that’s how I want to live”, the greater are your chances of success.

Here are some of the key questions to ask yourself before you take the leap:

  1. What led me to think about entrepreneurship?

  2. Why is it an option for me now?

  3. Is this something I can live knowing all the ups and downs, or will I simply return to a job if things get hard?

Now that you have started to answer those initial questions, continue to consider where your motivation comes from? What made you consider entrepreneurship?

Here are some areas that might be driving your motivation:

I am not happy at work: you have been in the same position for years; you don’t like your boss or people on your team; you are not feeling fulfilled; you want to stop the punch in – punch out cycle.

I have an idea: you want to create or sell products that you believe in; you want to transform your idea into reality; there is a problem that no one is addressing you can fix.

I want more for my family: you want to offer something different to your family; you want to travel with your family; you want the budget to put your kids in competitive sports; you want to purchase a home; you want to be more involved, available and present in your kids’ lives.

I want to be on my own boss: you want to work for yourself – not someone else; you want to be your own boss and create your own destiny; you want all your work to be profitable to you – not others.

Which statement resonates with you? Is there something that is not listed that might be pushing you to consider choosing to be an entrepreneur? If you have connected with many, which one is the most powerful driver towards change?

Now take that motivation, and explore if it might be able to be resolved by other means than starting a business? Would it make more sense to try something else versus taking on the challenge of creating a new company?

If business is still the right choice once you have addressed these questions, you know that you are motivated to start a company, now tap into that motivation.

Top tips from this article:

  1. Make sure you ask yourself the key questions

  2. Be honest about what it motivating you

  3. Let your motivation guide you

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Understand the mindset. Choose the culture. Live the lifestyle.

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