How can I reduce my potential risk?

Sound familiar?

I have a good career and I am scared of throwing it away
I have obligations that I need to maintain
I cannot sacrifice everything to get a business off the ground
I cannot live on Kraft Dinner and PB&J sandwiches

"Skills are cheap, passion is priceless"

-Gary Vaynerchuck

It is time for you to move from thought into action. You’ve probably been worrying about all the potential changes that might come with launching a business. You want to make sure that life is going to be better as an entrepreneur, not worst. You want to know how much you realistically need to get started.

You can see the mountain of things to do but cannot figure out what path to consider. You are not sure how people will think or react to the news you’ve left your job to be… an entrepreneur. It is time for you to formalize the process and make the decision.

The Entrepreneur Lifestyle Academy offers programs and services that will support you in the journey to make the choice to live the Entrepreneur way of life. Get started now by visiting our book recommendations, articles, online resources, courses as well as some cool & useful stuff for the aspiring entrepreneur.

How Do I Get Started?

How To Choose The Entrepreneur Lifestyle™?

The first step to entrepreneurial success is to actually choose that you want to live the way of life of an entrepreneur. You might be thinking to yourself that this is what you want to do, but what if…? You need to figure out the minimum contingencies you need to put in place that can reduce your risks before launching. You need to understand how entrepreneurship would impact your current way of life and if you are you comfortable with that.

The Entrepreneur Lifestyle Academy offers programs and services to help you determine if it is the right time to turn your dream of choosing and living the Entrepreneur Lifestyle™ into a reality. Take advantage of what we have to help you move forward in your decision by discovering our variety of offerings for entrepreneurs, including articles, online resources, courses, book recommendations as well as some cool & useful stuff.

How Do I Know Being An Entrepreneur Is For Me?

The Entrepreneur Lifestyle™ is a choice; it is a way of life. Discovering the realities, uncovering the myths, looking at the good, the bad and the ugly and still choosing to become an entrepreneur is the first step. It means understanding the benefits, and the challenges, allowing you to reflect and to evaluate with the right information. It requires assessing your current situation, understanding what you can live with and launching a business in a way that will reduce your risks.

Discover our variety of offerings for entrepreneurs, including book recommendations, articles, online resources, workshops as well as some cool & useful stuff.

The Entrepreneur Lifestyle™ is a choice; it is a way of life. Much like becoming a Vegan, living a Tiny-Home or driving an electric car, each of these choices has an impact on our every day lives: to successfully live these types of decisions, it requires people not just to declare their intent but really to chose to live the lifestyle; to make all decisions that support and encourage the choice.

Becoming an entrepreneur is no different. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle that needs to be understood and chosen in order to increase the potential for success. Let us help you reduce your entrepreneurial risks and chose to live the Entrepreneur Lifestyle™. Discover our programs, services and resources.

What Is The Entrepreneur Lifestyle™?

"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it"

-Simon Sinek

What Is Our Definition Of Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is someone who is operating an undertaking to generate revenues. We mainly refer to individuals who want to live off of their business and build something that will stand the test of time. An entrepreneur is someone who has decided to run something to serve clients and solve their problems, by offering either a product or a service.

Yes, we also include people who running it on the side, part-time, as a hobby, for additional income, transitioning towards full-time, as a retirement activity and more, as these are all examples of entrepreneurship.

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Who Is ELA?

The Entrepreneur Lifestyle Academy (ELA) aims to help people understand the building blocks and discover the mindsets to support a conscious choice of the Entrepreneur Lifestyle™ to increase the success rate of entrepreneurs in North America and extend the life of the average business.

ELA is changing the way that entrepreneurship is introduced and viewed. We are in fact presenting two new revolutionary concepts to the approach. We are focused on helping people understand the mindset, choose the culture and live the lifestyle, by providing the realities of being an entrepreneur.

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How Can ELA Help?

Our Academy works with people who are feeling like having a business always seems too risky. We support individuals explore what they need, what becoming an entrepreneur might affect and what they might need to put in place in order to make the transition to working full-time in their business. We help you assess Entrepreneur Lifestyle™ as a potential solution to your reflection.

Get started by exploring our articles, online resources, workshops as well as some cool & useful stuff for the aspiring entrepreneur.